Paul and Katy get golden buzzer!!

aerial silks

02 Feb Paul and Katy get golden buzzer!!

We are so proud of our friends and acrobatic performers Paul and Katy.

After their Britains got talent performance, they were invited to audition for Slovakia’s got talent.  After much debating they decided to go for it and they are so glad they did.  They performed a stunning dynamic aerial performance and got the golden buzzer that catapulted them straight into the final.

As usual with the got talent contests there are always hurdles such as height, space and hoist speeds that weren’t as promised, but Paul and katy dealt with it with grace as they always do and cut the length of their silks and changed the performance on the day to fit.  What a beutiful aerial silks performance it was. I think you’ll agree.

Here is their final performance.



Here is their golden buzzer aerial trapeze duo performance


Paul and Katy perform as solo and duo artists, booked individually or as part of one of our productions, and are also our revolutions duo performers for floor based performances.

If you would like to book Paul and Katy for your event or ask for any more info please contact us

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Incase you missed it, here was their BGT experience…………………


We were proud to see our very own resident aerial and acro balance duo Paul and Katy auditioning for Britain’s got talent last weekend performing their stunning aerial hoop act.

Paul and Katy have been part of the GravityLive team for 5 years now performing as part of our productions, and we have even created acts around them to show off their incredible talent.  Paul and Katy are 2 of the hardest working acrobats we know, always training hard working on that next move that will leave guests on the edge of their seats.

See Paul and Katy in action on Britain’s got talent.

You can see Paul and Katy performing as part of our “Bright Young Things Production” Paul dancing as part of the show, Katy swinging high on trapeze as guest enter and their aerial and acro balance duo act performed on our Aerial Chandelier.

Paul and Katy also perform their beautiful Acro balance act on our revolutions rotating platform.

revolutions acro balance act

Paul and Katie’s aerial performance is always spectacular beneath our beautiful aerial chandelier.

champagne chandelier performance

Here are a few more images of Paul and Katy in action.

We had no doubt they would wow the judges and audience.  These are 2 acrobats that are no one trick pony and we know they have something special for the next round to wow the judges and audience once again.

Please get ready to watch and don’t forget to vote to move them even further!!

If you would like to book Paul and Katy for your event or ask for any more info please contact us

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