Friday 13th monster ball

scare maze actors

03 Feb Friday 13th monster ball

After a very glamorous and sparkly Christmas season we were so excited for the complete contrast on Friday 13th January when we landed at Hilton Hotel Newcastle for the JML direct monster ball with our horror actors, make up artists, costumiers, prosthetics and gallons of blood and gore.  Scare entertainment is not just for halloween.

Our brief was to create 8 scare maze horror characters to terrify guests as they made their way through the maze.  To ensure we stood out from guests who would be dressing up too we went to a very dark and disturbing place.  Such fun!  We all revelled in our characters.

Our client was delighted with the screams and panic coming from the maze, seeing guests running for their lives.  They were ready for a drink by this time.

As guests took their seats we put them at a state of uneaze before taking to the stage to escort the host.  Our finale was getting guests onto the dance floor to join in a routine before partying the night away to the brilliant band.

The venue was dressed to perfection……

Backstage was a little more surreal for the non GravityLive crew, but just another fun filled creative day for us.  Our brilliant make up artists had a long day making us look so terrible, but they love it just as much as we do……

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